Coventry Sacred Space Initiative commemorates the arrival of diverse communities to the city of Coventry. The city was seen as a safe haven for new arrivals and a place of sanctuary and solace.


The Coventry Sacred Space attempts to:

Ensure at least one place of worship from the different religions present in Coventry is included.

Ensure the minority religious/cultural communities feel a sense of past or present ownership, appreciation and care.

Ensure visitors, guests and students can navigate and explore easily within an afternoon.

Gain a deeper understanding of different religions, belief systems including nature and the environment.

Ensure the area is and can be transformed into the Sacred Space for Coventry.

Ensure the communities, organisations and places of worship in the area embrace the idea of Sacred Space and will embrace the proposal in words and actions.

Ensure the area acts as a node, for other ‘pathways’ and ‘islands’ to be connected.

After exploration, people leave with a sense of serenity.