According to the Census 2011, the majority (66.6%) of Coventry’s total population is White British. This is notably lower than West Midlands region’s figures (79.2%) and national figures (79.8%). It means that Coventry has a notably higher percentage of black and minority ethnic population (BME) compared to the national average.

White British   66.6%

Asian                 16.3%

White Other      7.2%

Black                   5.5%

The 2011 Census shows that over 53% of Coventry residents identify as Christian, while Islam is the second most-followed religion. 23% of the population do not identify with a religion.


No Religion      23.0%

Christians        53.7%

Muslims             7.5%

Sikh                     5.0%

Hindu                 3.5%

Buddhist            0.3%

Jewish                0.1%