Our Values

Our Vision:

By working, inspiring and giving, to make harmony, hope and happiness a living reality for all.

Our Mission:

To deliver and support action that enables people, groups and communities to live and progress together: with one another, with the environment; and with that which connects and embraces everything together.

Our Values:


Our passion is to instil in ourselves and others, the energy to make good projects happen: projects that celebrate difference, nurture solidarity, foster new ideas, and ultimately make a real and lasting change.


We feel compassion towards people and communities in need. We seek to help activists to transform their ideas for social good into reality. Together on this journey, we learn from our mistakes: to listen, care and grow in our duty.


We are accountable to ourselves and those who offer us their human and financial resources. Therefore, we seek to ensure fairness, transparency and good value for money in all areas of our work.


We have the ambition to pursue new and creative ideas that have the potential to change lives for the better. We will recognise the creativity of people, groups and communities and support them to build their capacity to deliver action. We will engage and consult with and involve them in our planning.


We always listen to, and are led by, the voices of the people that need help; and we encourage everyone to act, and further speak out against injustice together.