Guiding Principles

We work with communities and their young people to build self-sustaining, flourishing environments in which self-belief and a ‘can do’ spirit delivers well-being for all through opportunities, justice and hope. They will develop the capacity to identify, lead and enthuse others with ‘can do’ attitudes to be active leaders in their communities. 

​Capacity building will begin with reinforcing self-worth and an appreciation for: the worth of other people, cultures and backgrounds, our mutual interdependence, individual responsibilities and rights. ​The aspiration of every person to live together with all others in harmony, with respect in the hope of a positive future.

 The guiding principles for TiA’s development: we will be to maintain the quality of our governance and management, our services and and overall effectiveness to the highest standards of excellence.  

TiA will:

  • work with other organisations in a spirit of cooperation.
  • seek to maintain a focus on innovation and flexibility through constant vigilance to identify new needs and being open to working in new ways.
  • work especially with young people and younger adults to help them appreciate the value of the life they possess and of their ability and opportunity to make change happen for themselves, for others less able and their community.