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Coventry Interfaith Pioneers is a celebration of the amazing work and people who are or were vital in building bridges between different faith communities. This planned series of short films would like to record the testimonies of interfaith pioneers.

We would like your help. We are looking for stories, and artefacts like photographs. flyers, film etc.

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According to the NHS, most people with COVID-19 feel better within a few days or weeks of their first symptoms and fully recover within 12 weeks. For some people, symptoms can last longer. This is called long COVID or post-COVID-19 syndrome Long COVID is a new condition which is still being studied.

Please see our videos in English, Gujarati, Hindi and Punjabi. 






Honouring Coventry’s ‘arrivals hall’ area for immigrant communities in need of sanctuary and a new home.


Sacred Music Concert

The Sacred Faith Concert was held on Saturday 5th March 2022 at Warwick Arts Centre where a whole host of artists celebrated Coventry’s rich cultural heritage.

The Sacred Music Concert is part of the Coventry Sacred Space Initiative, which is a series of projects highlighting the arrival of the diverse communities in the city and their contribution to building to make the region into a vibrant hub of economic and cultural activity.  The concert was organised by the Together in Action Trust (TiA) in partnership with Warwick Arts Centre.

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Congratulations on producing such a fantastic event last night – I found it a very moving experience that gave pause for serious reflection, but it was also joyful to bring together so many groups from Coventry and celebrate our unity and the wonderful artistic talent which exists here. It was an honour to host the event at Warwick Arts Centre.

Andrew Fletcher

Programme Manager, Warwick Arts Centre

We wanted to express our congratulations to you for the great success of the Sacred Music concert. It is a credit to you personally for leading the Sacred Space project to this high point and to the community of people who share your objectives. We were particularly impressed, not only be the artistic talents on show, but also by the many statements made of commitment to tolerance, diversity and peace.
Dave & Linda Hirons

Coventry Association for Int Friendship

Swanswell Festival


As part of the Coventry City of Culture programme, a weekend of faith-related events were held on 10&11 September 2021. Attached to the event was the TiA coordinated Swanswell Festival on Sunday 12th September 2021.

The primary purpose of the Swanswell Festival was to raise the profile of the Coventry Sacred Space Initiative.

  • Access local communities with the aim of obtaining their interest, engagement and how their needs, hopes would be best served by the Initiative.
  • Honour the ‘ARRIVAL/WELCOME’ area of Coventry and imagine/design activities that transform the concept of Initiative into a reality.
  • Celebrate and Exhibit diversity of cultures, faiths/beliefs, communities, generations thereby reinforcing cohesion and harmony in and between communities.
  • Create an opportunity to discuss and debate matters (e.g., climate and environment, needs of young people, the Initiative, mental and physical well-being) that impact the lives of people across the city and beyond.

A major part of the Swanswell Festival was to highlight the role of the environment. Different faith and belief communities offered statements on Caring for the Environment. Click photo on left to see the statements. 

Building Back Better

An ‘In Conversation’ piece by Faith Matters with Lord Stephen Greenhalgh, Minister for Faith –  the insights of what motivates people to work for the common good on 7th May 2021.

Faith Matters - Faithful Leaders

An ‘In Conversation’ piece by Faith Matters with TiA’s Deepak Naik.

Inspired to Act

An ‘In Conversation’ piece from three people on people with different beliefs see the role of peace, tolerance and helping.

Together We Can, Voices of Faith

By working, inspiring and giving, to make harmony, hope and happiness a living reality for all.

Together We Can, Stop Hate Crime

Coventry City Council’s campaign to combat and report hate crime. Produced as part of the Hate Crime Week 2020. 

COVID-19 Together We Can Sort It

Coventry City Council’s video on encouraging the public to follow Government Guidelines during the lockdown through the eyes of children. 

Thank You Day: A special community-led event to thank COVID heroes

 TiA was involved in helping to organise a special Thank You Day to thank our COVID heroes in Coventry.

An interfaith service was held at Coventry Cathedral to thank and celebrate all those who have been working hard to keep us safe during the pandemic. Other events were held throughout the country.

The idea was originally proposed by a small group of people to pay tribute to unsung heroes and since then has been backed by a number of celebrities.

Julie Siddiqi MBE, founder of Together We Thrive and one of the original proposers for Thank You Day said: “It was wonderful for me to start Thank You Day at Coventry Cathedral.

“It is a place of special significance and being there with friends from all backgrounds was really inspiring”.

“Faith communities have done so much during this past difficult year; we have lots of people to thank.”

The cathedral’s dean, The Very Reverend John Witcombe, said the service was an “inspiring” event and had been “immensely moving”.

The campaign for Thank You Day was started by a small group of people from across the UK, including Debbie Matthew, a stroke survivor from Perthshire, and May Parsons, the nurse who administered the UK’s first Covid jab at University Hospital in Coventry.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also hosted a barbecue for community leaders, NHS workers and representatives from the Royal Voluntary Service.

For the national perspective, please go to the BBC Website.

“I would like to add my thanks, and admiration for everyone… Thank you especially  to Deepak for playing an important part in bringing in some of our local faith leaders and briefing them.The Very Revd John Witcombe MA MPhil, Dean of Coventry
Together in Action’ has provided in delivering quality workshops to representatives of all our faiths in Coventry in connection with Home Office Places of Worship safety and security funding …
Mohammed Bashir

Community Coordinator, Coventry City Council

Designed to help young people and young adults to become aware of their full human potential and thus enthuse them, lighting the spark that gives them the determination to make positive changes of benefit to them in the first instance, but also to their community and beyond.  Perhaps to suffering elements of the environment which have meaning to them and which they value.

Designed to help young people and young adults explore, with others, how Values, Beliefs and practice define us as individuals, families, communities, regions, nations and global society. The object of these projects will be to provide people with the opportunity to explore our common Humanity discovering the spiritual, natural and eternal energy that connects each one of us. 

Designed to encourage participants to identify and undertake community cohesion projects which work towards the positive acceptance and celebration of cultural and social differences. These should be seen as factors to be valued and treasured.  They broaden and strengthen the experience and understanding of the entire community, and not only of the individual.

Designed to help create and maintain friendship between people of different beliefs, traditions and with those with no religious affiliation. To help instil a sense of wonder, respect and value towards people. To help create bridges of understanding and cooperation between and across people and communities with different beliefs and practise.

Working in Partnership …