‘Sharing Our Lives’ is an interfaith led educational project providing a range of learning tools for young people with special emphasis on:

  • Lesson plans,
  • Teacher’s Notes
  • Printed and Digital Resources

The tools are designed to build understanding of a particular faith community that is different from the one hosting the learning. In this way the programme helps to create and maintain respectful and meaningful relationships between young people from different communities. The primary aim of the project is not based on theology or traditional inter-faith dialogue, but rather on how young people of different faiths live their lives, drawing out the commonalities as well as the differences.

Our unique approach here is to work with and in religious supplementary schools, thus giving the learning a sense of religious sanction and approval. Sharing Our Lives organisers and facilitators work with teachers, trainers and students from Muslim madrassas, Christian Sunday schools and Hindu and Sikh schools to co-create, test and refine these tools into quality products. The resources are further disseminated online for wider use.

Sharing Our Lives is currently developing tools to measure changes in understanding, attitude and behaviour, thus gauging the impact and benefit of our work. Over time, and through our collective experience, skills and knowledge.