Sacred Space Concert

05 March 2022, Warwick Arts Centre

Photographers Paresh Solanki & Huangxiao Zhang


The Sacred Faith Concert at Warwick Arts Centre where a whole host of artists celebrated Coventry’s rich cultural heritage.

The Sacred Music Concert is part of the Coventry Sacred Space Initiative, which is a series of projects highlighting the arrival of the diverse communities in the city and their contribution to building to make the region into a vibrant hub of economic and cultural activity.  The concert was organised by the Together in Action Trust (TiA) in partnership with Warwick Arts Centre.

Performing Arts:

Chitrakalaimanram specialises in Bharatanatyam which is one of the most popular. graceful classical discipline originating from South India.

Coventry Giddha Group will be performing the folk dance of the Punjab, which is a rich mix of movement, clapping and singing.

GNP Ghatkha Group performss of Ghatkha, a highly skilled form of karpan/stick fighting to develop fitness, hand/eye coordination, agility, physical and mental discipline.

King Bayan is a Ukrainian group named after their founder member’s surname King and the main instrument which accompanies the group – a Ukrainian accordion called a Bayan. The group also performs in other languages including Hindi, Polish, Spanish and Urdu.

Kofe John is a solo performer specializing in authentic African drumming with song and dance. His music relates to highlighting the rich heritage of Africa and connecting it with communities in the UK.

Namz Musical will be performing Qawwali, which is devotional faith music which very popular in Muslim celebrations.

The Hand Earth Gesture Return Drummers demonstrate a live drumming jam celebrating the connection between people, place and matter.

The musical extravaganza was hosted by Rina Sarna.

Swanswell Festival


As part of the Coventry City of Culture programme, a weekend of faith-related events were held on 10&11 September 2021. Attached to the event was the TiA coordinated Swanswell Festival on Sunday 12th September 2021.

The primary purpose of the Swanswell Festival was to raise the profile of the Coventry Sacred Space Initiative.

  • Access local communities with the aim of obtaining their interest, engagement and how their needs, hopes would be best served by the Initiative.
  • Honour the ‘ARRIVAL/WELCOME’ area of Coventry and imagine/design activities that transform the concept of Initiative into a reality.
  • Celebrate and Exhibit diversity of cultures, faiths/beliefs, communities, generations thereby reinforce cohesion and harmony in and between communities.
  • Create an opportunity to discuss and debate matters (e.g., climate and environment, needs of young people, the Initiative, mental and physical well-being) that impact the lives of people across the city and beyond.

A major part of the Swanswell Festival was to highlight the role of the environment. Different faith and belief communities offered statements on Caring for the Environment. Click photo on left to see the statements.